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This website is owned by the International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims, hereafter referred to as "IRCT”.


While every effort has been taken to ensure that all details are correct, the IRCT cannot accept any responsibility for the accuracy of information contained on this website, nor for the consequences of any actions taken or not taken as a result of this information.

The IRCT assumes no liability for any loss or damage as a consequence of the material published on this site or its use by third parties, regardless of whether this is due to errors in or to inappropriateness of the material, or for other reasons.

Listing of a company, service, organisation or product on this web site does not in any way imply endorsement. Reasonable efforts have been made at the time of publishing each page to exam the contents of each organisation and publication linked to on this web site, but no responsibility is taken for the contents contained on such links.


The IRCT welcomes the construction of links, where relevant, to this site, provided that the link is directly connected to the IRCT web address. Such links may not be used for advertising or similar purposes. Please inform the IRCT's webmaster (webmaster@irct.org) if such links are created.

Links to third party sites

The IRCT's website provides links to other Internet sites for the convenience of users. The operation and content of such third party web sites is beyond the IRCT's control. The IRCT does not endorse in any manner whatsoever or accept any responsibility for the content or other material that may be contained on such web sites, the use of such web sites, or any products or services advertised on or sold through any such web sites. This also applies to websites of IRCT member centres and programmes.  



It is permitted to copy material from this Internet address - either electronically or on paper - provided that the IRCT is stated explicitly as the source.

Comments to this site

The IRCT, through its webmaster (webmaster@irct.org), would appreciate to be informed of any errors found in this site. Suggestions for improvement and comments are also welcome.



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