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IRCT in Geneva

UNCAT begins 48th session today


The United Nations Committee against Torture (UNCAT) begins its 48th session today, during which experts will evaluate seven countries on their measures to prevent torture and impunity.


Representatives from Albania, Armenia, Canada, Cuba, Czech Republic, Greece and Rwanda will face a full review of their countries’ adherence to the human rights obligations dictated in the UN Convention against Torture. The Committee will further review a special report on Syria and question representatives from the country.


IRCT members Albanian Rehabilitation Centre for Trauma and Torture (ARCT) and Canadian Centre for Victims of Torture (CCVT) have submitted alternative reports to the Committee against Torture. These alternative reports comprise the information provided to the experts by civil society organisations.


Using this information, experts on the Committee may question the country representatives during their reviews. Afterward, the Committee makes recommendations on how the state under review could improve, thus coming more in line with human rights obligations to prevent torture, or cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment and investigate and prosecute violations.


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