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Journal on Rehabilitation of Torture Victims and Prevention of Torture


Latest issue: Volume 24, Supplementum 1, 2014 - Of death and rebirth: Life histories of Rwandan female genocide survivors



Joost den Otter



Annemiek Richters


Women, we need to be courageous
Illuminée Munyabugingo


Smiling again after fifteen years of torture
Charline Musaniwabo

I died and was resurrected
Hildegarde Nyampinga

I found a family through sociotherapy
Mameritha Nyiramana

Sharing my problems soothed my headaches and took me out of loneliness
Berthilde Uwimbabazi

Being patient provides peace
Ntakwasa Veneranda

I now take care of myself and am no longer a drug user
Germaine Muhorakeye

Sociotherapy took me out of my solitude
Mutegwamaso Foyibi

I wouldn’t still be alive if it wasn’t for sociotherapy
Therese Kazeneza

Coming out of a deep hole after a life of trials
Charlotte Uwera

Annemiek Richters



Ahead of print


An Innovative Model of Culturally Tailored Health Promotion Groups for Cambodian Survivors of Torture

Sarah Y. Berkson, Svang Tor, Richard Mollica, James Lavelle, Carol Cosenza


Forensic odontological examinations of alleged torture victims at the University of Copenhagen 1997-2011

Sára O. Arge, Steen Holger Hansen, Niels Lynnerup


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