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Journal on Rehabilitation of Torture Victims and Prevention of Torture


Latest issue: Volume 24, Supplementum 1, 2014 - Of death and rebirth: Life histories of Rwandan female genocide survivors



Annemiek Richters


Women, we need to be courageous
Illuminée Munyabugingo


Smiling again after fifteen years of torture
Charline Musaniwabo

I died and was resurrected
Hildegarde Nyampinga

I found a family through sociotherapy
Mameritha Nyiramana

Sharing my problems soothed my headaches and took me out of loneliness
Berthilde Uwimbabazi

Being patient provides peace
Ntakwasa Veneranda

I now take care of myself and am no longer a drug user
Germaine Muhorakeye

Sociotherapy took me out of my solitude
Mutegwamaso Foyibi

I wouldn’t still be alive if it wasn’t for sociotherapy
Therese Kazeneza

Coming out of a deep hole after a life of trials
Charlotte Uwera

Annemiek Richters



Ahead of print


Forensic odontological examinations of alleged torture victims at the University of Copenhagen 1997-2011

Sára O. Arge, Steen Holger Hansen, Niels Lynnerup


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