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Independent Forensic Expert Group


Drawing on expertise from across the globe, the IRCT, in partnership with Copenhagen University Department of Forensic Medicine, has established an expert group of independent forensic specialists.


The group will serve as a reference point, providing technical advice on specific issues as well as participating in missions to examine alleged torture survivors and draw up impartial medico-legal reports. Furthermore, the experts will advocate for the increased use of medical evidence and continue to build a body of knowledge on the subject of forensic documentation.



List of the group members:


Alempijevic, Djordje (see CV)

Associate professor, Institute of Forensic Medicine, University of Belgrade



Beriashvili, Rusudan

Associate Professor of Forensic Medicine, Tblisi State Medical University,



Beynon, Joe

Medical doctor,  Independent expert on visits to places of detention and the documentation of torture. Formerly Co-ordinator for Health in Detention, International Committee of the Red Cross, Geneva,



Deutsch, Ana

Co-founder and Clinical Director,  Program for Torture Victims, Los Angeles



Duque, Maximo Alberto Piedrahita

Forensic Pathologist, former head of national forensic services in Colombia



Duterte, Pierre (see CV)
Medical doctor and psychotherapist, private practice therapist/family counselor, 

Founder of Parcours d'Exil


van Es, Adriaan (see CV)

Coordinator, International Federation of Health and Human Rights Organisations



Fernando, Ravindra

Senior Professor of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology, University of Colombo
Sri Lanka


Fincanci, Sebnem Korur

Professor in forensic medicine, Istanbul University, member of IRCT council



Hansen, Steen Holger (see CV)

Deputy Chief Pathologist


Hardi, Lilla (see CV)

Psychiatrist, head of section on torture issues at WPA, director of Cordelia Foundation



Hougen, Hans Petter (see CV)

Professor; Chief Forensic Pathologist



Iacopino, Vincent (see CV)

Senior Medical Advisor, Physicians for Human Rights; Adjunct Professor of Medicine,

University of Minnesota Medical School



Leth, Peter Mygind

Deputy Chief Forensic Pathologist, Institute of Forensic Medicine



Louahlia, Said

Quebec, Canada, Former Professor of Department of forensic Pathology, Morocco,

Founding member and past President of MAFS



Mendonça, Maria Cristina (see CV)

Consultant Forensic Pathologist, Portuguese National Institute of Forensic Medicine.

Professor of Forensic Medicine, University of Coimbra



Modvig, Jens

Director, Prevention of Torture in Detention, DIGNITY - Danish Institute Against Torture. Clinical Associate Professor, University of Copenhagen. Member, UN Committee against Torture.



Morcillo Mendez, Maria-Dolores (see CV)

Forensic Medical Doctor, National Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences


Noring, Ulla

Psychiatrist, Ministry of Justice



Özkalipci, Önder (see CV)

Forensic Physician



Payne-James, Jason (see CV)
Consultant Forensic Physician,  Director Forensic Healthcare Services Ltd, Honorary Senior Lecturer

Cameron Forensic Medical Sciences. Barts & the London School of Medicine & Dentistry, London,  

President of WPMO


Peel, Michael
General Pracitioner - Clinical Lead for Central London Community Healthcare; Former senior medical examiner at Medical Foundation


Pounder, Derrick
Forensic Pathology professor, University of Dundee


Pross, Christian (see CV)
Center Survive, Center for the Treatment of Torture Victims, Berlin/Germany;

Professor of psychotrauma-tology at Charité University Medical Center, Berlin


Quiroga, Jose
Medical Director of the Program for Torture Survivors, Los Angeles;

Former assistant professor in the UCLA School of Public Health


Rasmussen, Ole Vedel (see CV)
Former member of CAT and CPT


Reyes, Hernàn 

ICRC doctor working on detention issues since 1982; currently based in Beijing



Rogde, Sidsel (see CV)
Forensic Pathology Professor


Sajantila, Antti
Professor, Specialist in forensic medicine

Head of the Department of Forensic Medicine, Hjelt Institute, University of Helsinki



Somasundaram, Daya (see CV)
Clinical Associate Professor, Discipline of Psychiatry, University of Adelaide
Sri Lanka


Thomsen, Jørgen Lange
Professor,  Institute of Forensic Medicine, Odense, Denmark


Tidball-Binz, Morris (see CV)
Forensic coordinator, Assistance Division

International Committee of the Red Cross

Argentina/ Switzerland


Treue, Felicitas
Psychologist and psychotherapist;

General Coordinator, Colectivo Contra la Tortura y la Impunidad, Mexico


Vanezis, Peter
Forensic pathologist; Professor


Vieira, Duarte Nuno (see CV)
Former President of IAFS, IALM, WPMO and ECLM;

Professor of Forensic Medicine and Forensic Sciences, University of Coimbra; Head of the National Institute of Forensic Medicine of Portugal





Video interviews


Watch short video interviews with Dr Hernan Reyes and Prof Duarte Nuno Vieira, two of the members of the IRCT Forensic Expert Group.


Dr. Hernan Reyes: Why is documentation of torture important? Watch this short video interview and learn about the importance of documenting torture and the challenges faced by forensic experts in the investigation and documentation of torture.


Video interview with Dr. Hernan Reyes 



Prof Duarte Nuno Vieira: The role and challenges of a forensic expert. Watch this short video interview and learn about the role and challenges faced by forensic experts in the investigation and documentation of torture.


Video interview with Prof. Duarte Nuno Vieira

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