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About the CPTRT

The Centre for Prevention, Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture Victims and their Families (CPTRT), is a non-profit organisation aiming at protecting the human rights of Hondurans exposed to torture, organised violence and other cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment. This is done through training in human rights, medico-psychological treatment, legal counselling and assistance, research, documentation, advocacy, educational and informational outreach, based on principles of recognition of the other as a human being and the participation of target groups and key actors in the continuous promotion of a culture of peace.


Areas of work:

  • Security and justice
  • Comprehensive health
  • Research, documentation and communication


Security and Justice

Strategic work in: the prison system, comprehensive security, legal security, influencing public policies, knowledge management, education and training, strengthening of networks, documentation and approaches to torture and other cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment.



Research, documentation and communication

The principal objective is to generate knowledge for the organisational development of the CPTRT and the momentum of advocacy processes through documentation and a research and communication strategy.



Area of comprehensive health

The objective of this area of work is: to improve the physical, cognitive, emotional and spiritual health of the target population through medical and psychological interventions, both individual, family and group interventions, strengthening the practice of social skills in order to prevent violence and promote mental health.


The comprehensive treatment of torture victims and their families is done in a multidisciplinary way. Doctors, psychologist, social workers and lawyers are involved offering a combination of allopathic treatment and alternative therapy, creating an individualized therapeutic plan and giving care at different levels of high to low intensity at the individual, family or group level.

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