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Join us for a World Without Torture

Join us for a World Without Torture

The greatest threat to the fight against torture is apathy: that we silently accept that torture exists. For this reason the IRCT has created the social media campaign World Without Torture to enable citizens around the world to engage directly in combating torture and supporting torture victims.


Personal stories from torture victims, global torture fighters and those who have been touched by torture will be featured on Facebook, Twitter and on our blog, as will factual information on torture.


You can help realise the dream of a World Without Torture by getting engaged and helping us spread the word. Visit World Without Torture on Facebook, join the nearly 10,000 members and share with your friends. You can also follow @withouttorture on Twitter. Please ‘re-tweet’ our updates and recommend your friends to follow the campaign. You can also follow the discussion on our blog at


Don’t forget: your voice makes a difference! We look forward to seeing you in a “World Without Torture”!



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World Without Torture was developed in collaboration with social media agency Mindjumpers. We are grateful for their work.


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