What is torture?
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Measures to reduce or hinder acts of torture such as activities aimed at reducing risk factors, promoting effective legal and protective frameworks, monitoring compliance with national and international human rights obligations, combating impunity, training, and education.


Access to international human rights monitoring mechanisms


At the regional and international level, there are a number of mechanisms established with the objective of monitoring States’ implementation of the human rights obligations as they pertain to the area of torture and ill-treatment. Improving the quality of this monitoring is expected to have a positive effect on preventing torture and ill-treatment at the national level. In order to improve the quality of the monitoring, it is vital that the concerns and priorities of organisations working on torture and ill-treatment in the respective countries are adequately reflected.


The IRCT works actively to enhance the ability of our members to influence the work of these mechanisms through developing knowledge of how they function and by facilitating direct access to these mechanisms as relevant.


Prevention through documentation


Enhancing access to effective medical documentation of torture allegations at the national level not only increases access to justice but also makes a significant contribution to prevention of torture and ill-treatment since it will discourage the use of these practices. The IRCT therefore works on increasing domestic documentation capacity with all relevant stakeholders including civil society, government institutions, National Preventive Mechanisms and National Human Rights Institutions.
In addition, the IRCT is advancing knowledge on how to institutionalise the Istanbul Protocol at the national level while engaging our members on monitoring and evaluating States’ commitment to its implementation.


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