What is torture?
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The IRCT is guided by the belief that the anti-torture and rehabilitation movement must be lead directly by the survivors of torture and the families of victims. In addition, our methodology of holistic rehabilitation always includes providing a space for the voices of survivors and the families of victims.


As a result, we dedicate this section of our site to showcasing the stories and voices of survivors of torture, their families, and the global torture fighters who seek to provide holistic rehabilitation, access to justice, and an end to the crime of torture.




'We must end torture and promote freedom of expression.'

Former Buddhist nun Damchoe experienced six-years of hard labour and torture in a programme of Chinese 're-education'


Recovering from the torture of a forgotten war

Life-saving surgery saved A.M. But the damage from his torture was deeply psychological too. And that is where an IRCT member came in.


War did not prepare Vaja for torture in a Georgian prison

Vaja Kakushadze is still erasing the pain inflicted by prison guards throughout the seven-years of detention, after having served in the Abkhaz-Georgian war.


One night changed everything

A night out with friends turned into hours of brutal beatings for Leo, who is now using the rehabilitation services of PRAWA in Nigeria to overcome his experience of torture.


"Even with one arm, I am still strong and will keep fighting for justice."

Veli Saçilik tells his horrifying story of a sudden prison siege in Turkey in which torture left him with lifelong scars. Over a decade later, he is still pursuing justice on a European stage.


Targeted for telling the truth

Despite intimidation and harassment, Carmen Kcomt pursued a truth she knew needed exposing. But it took time to deal with her experience of torture.


Inge Genefke: a lifetime of fighting torture

"There are methods so monstrous that one cannot bear even hearing about them. That is why many people turn their backs on the mere mention of torture – and, tragically, also on those working against torture."


“These stories should never be forgotten.”

Forensic documentation in the Khmer Rouge trials

This torture cannot continue

A Syrian human rights defender recounts his experience, and calls for action to end the violence against the Syrian people.
(Picture of destruction in Aleppo courtesy of UNHCR /
J. Andrews / April 2013)




Every blow on the soles of Archana's feet is an explosion in her head

Uzbekistani writer Dina Yafasova describes in her most recent book, Don’t Call Me a Victim, which details the torture of Archana Guha Jensen during the 1970s'.


Dr Yadira Narvaez: A voice for the torture victims in Ecuador

Dr Narvaez speaks about her work with torture survivors and the dangers human rights defenders face in her region.


Voices from Bahrain: Persecuted doctors continue struggle with BRAVO

Dr Nabeel Hameed speaks about protests in Bahrain and his arrest following the treatment of protestors in March 2011.





A quest for justice


Laetitia still sees the police officer that beat her, even years after her torture.


"Although they broke me down, they can't take my yearning for freedom"

A harrowing story of torture by state forces in Mexico (in English and Spanish)


"Now there are no cameras here"

A testimony by Philo Ikonya about her arrest and torture while running for a seat in the Kenyan parliament during 2009.




“My family and friends were the main victims of my torture”

Ana Miranda was a young activist during the military regime in Brazil. Decades later, she recounts her four arrests, the detention of her family, and the torture she survived.


Giving a voice to the victims

For two decades, she has provided an important outlet for the voices of victims of torture in Egypt. In 2010, one victim of torture, Khaled Said, became part of the chants of revolution during the Arab Spring.


Captured and tortured in conflict

A 20-year-old soldier recounts his terrifying ordeal of torture at the hands of the enemy, and how an IRCT member helped him move past his harrowing experiences over years of rehabilitation.









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